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Interflute - Paul Rozmus
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Paul Rozmus

Music at Its Best

Hello everyone and welcome to my new page!

I've noticed that everything I've experienced in my life transfers from my heart and into my performances.
Back in Poland, where I was born, I had fun as a conductor, arranger, songwriter, and instrumentalist.
After studying classical music at school, I earned my Masters Degree in Music from the Katowice Conservatory of Music. 

Having enjoyed success with popular music in Poland, I moved on to jazz.

Jazz became my main focus in original music for quite a while, and it will always have a special place in my life.

My passion for jazz has led me to release several albums that have received national and international airplay and distribution, and have even reached the top of the Billboard charts! 



My love of jazz aside, the truth is that I have always stayed close to popular dance music.
These days, my new adventure in dance music is taking me to very exotic and challenging places indeed!
I'm blessed to have teamed with a pair of brilliant producers, Xerxes Bakker and Tom Sinatic, who are in charge of the new sound.  We're exploring new modes of expression, new sonic palettes, and new soundscapes.

The unique talents of our special guest musicians and vocalists on this latest album supply the flair that makes this record so memorable and compelling--they really put it over the top!


We're constantly updating information, so be sure to visit my Facebook page and website on a regular basis!








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